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Operating Suite Currently On-Site in Clifton
3d brochure plays key role in marketing strategy
Interactive 3d models for Sustainable Housebuilder
Posted: 09.11.13
Operating Suite Currently On-Site in Clifton

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For the past year we've been working flat out on a new operating suite for the Litfield Medical Centre in Clifton Bristol. Part of a Grade 2* Listed Building, the project has had plenty of challenges and is now nearing completion.

Listed Building Consent

The project has involvedlved fitting a state-of-the-art operating suite into a Grade 2* listed building. This has involved working with the Bristol City Council's Conservation Officer to obtain Listed Building Consent with various planning applications to satisfy enhanced ventilation demands amongst other requirements. Alterations include a new heating and ventilation system which requires various vents and condensing units to be located outside. This necessitated sensitive discussions about where these might be located.

3d Visualisations

With a complex series of interconnecting rooms, it has not always been easy for the client to visualise the finished product. By using the latest 'BIM' technology,

10k have been able to take the existing building fabric and alter it digitally to produce impressions of how the spaces will look and feel. This helped the Centre to understand the finished product and has been invaluable for marketing the facility to potential practitioners.

Working as part of a team

All throughout the process we have been delighted to collaborate with Litfield in order to realise the design. We have also worked with Ardaunt Resourcing who have been managing the build to provide advice and input into the process.

If you have a listed building or a similar project you would like to discuss, please don't hesitate to get in touch with


Posted: 02.10.13
3d brochure plays key role in marketing strategy
We were recently commissioned to produce a marketing brochure for a new hydrotherapy centre in Bristol. The project proved a great opportunity to assess the building plans in 3d and has been very well received.
Posted: 27.12.12
Interactive 3d models for Sustainable Housebuilder
We've been working with Paul Devine of PF Group, a Sustainable House developer in the North East to produce a model of their latest development near Stockton on Tees. Viewers can take a spin and access it via openable windows or doors

Blog by James Horner

Posted: 09.11.13
What green means for you
Green and sustainable development is often an important aim for new buildings. To reduce CO2 output and increase energy efficiency helps to dramatically reduce running costs and could possibly save the planet. What does this mean for you?
Sustainability = increased immediate costs

Up-front costs

In order to satisfy EU CO2 targets, local authorities (LA) within the UK have to demonstrate that they are consenting to compliant development. This means that demonstrating how sustainable your building is requires up-front work. No longer will LAs be satisfied with you showing compliance with Building Regulations emissions targets at detail design stage.

What's required?

Local authorities now require sustainability and energy submissions as part of planning applications for all new dwellings. They need this in order to satisfy national planning policy documentation. What this means is that instead of providing calculations at Regs stage to demonstrate energy consumption and retention, LAs now need this as part of your planning submission. The level of information will very much depend on which LA you will be submitting to. You will find guidance on what information will be required as part of your LA's validation checklist.

Up your budget

Some LAs simply require a ticklist of how you intend to address CO2 reductions. Others require you to submit a Code for Sustainable Homes pre-assessment and/or SAP calcs. One thing is for sure, you will need to demonstrate compliance with the LA's 'Core Strategy' that sets out what is permissible under their agreed planning policy. Often, the information they require can only be provided by a specialist Energy Assessor so will inevitably cause your up-front costs to increase. You have been warned!


10% discount off all design services until the end of April
Looking to start a website, get drawings for a planning application or perhaps a 3d model? Now might be the ideal time to act because until the end of April we are offering a 10% discount.

What this means

With the launch of our new website, we wanted to do something special. Our entire freelance team is available at a discounted price until the end of February, this means that you can take advantage of our design services at our discounted rate and still receive the excellent level of quality of a full price commission.

What you could do

Here is a flavour of the kind of things that you could do if you take advantage of our offer:

Planning applications

Have you been thinking about an extension to your home, or perhaps a dorma loft conversion?

Personal website

Always wanted to have your own website but haven't got the time or the knowledge to be able to go ahead by yourself?

A model of your home

Ever wanted to see the effect of changing the layout of your home? We could produce a Sketchup model for you or even some photo realistic stills so you can see exactly what it would mean for you.